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Nison Leisurely Sunrooms/ Solariums Enjoy Your Sunshine

In the wide field of view sunrooms, having some flowers at the table, sitting in the comfortable couch, enjoying the afternoon teatime, spending your own time or with family, there are too many activities you can do in this magic space. Simple, is the idea from Europe which Nison Sunroom is designed. Furthermore, we consider customer’s inquires to build different styles and sizes to match your house. Nison sunrooms are passed customers’ experience and test in North Europe market years already which we guarantee the quality with confidence.

Nison Leisurely Sunrooms/ Solariums Fashion and highlight your test of life

Now days people are trying to get quality life more and more, however the requirement of test is absolutely higher and higher. Sunroom could replace the study room, building up book shelves in here is just one of your choice to represent your unique test. Why choosing sunroom become a study room? “ Light” is the most important condition that give people health and positive. Not only study room, but also varies functions by using sunroom to bring it to your life in order to decrease the pressure from all kinds of things from your days.

Multiple functions of Nison Sunrooms

There are many kinds of usages of Nison Sunrooms such as study room, dinning room, laundry room, conservatory and etc. Whenever you would like to go to nature to breath some fresh air but in the meanwhile you afraid the UV, or when you want expand your romantic life to outdoor, Nison Sunrooms is your best choice.

Gazing the sky at night

Enjoying the nature

Bathing in the sun

Resisting the wind

Nison Sunrooms is your best choice

Features of high level Sunrooms

We define three levels of sunroom by material, design and construction team which are economic level, middle level and high level. High level sunroom not only could be warm in winter and cool in summer, but also bring you the life experience and entertainment. Why most sunroom in the market couldn’t be cool in summer and warm in winter? What’s the difference?

1、 High level sunroom has the best daylighting and wide view.

  2、 There are sliding doors, windows and automatic sunroof for customer to choose which provide the best ventilation system.

  3、 High level sunroom abandons the silicon glue to seal the windows. We use the vehicle industry level rubber strips for sealing which could provide longer life, dust free, no smells and the most important point “ no leaking”.

4、 Aluminum material is strong enough but lighter than steel, plus aluminum is resistant corrosion which is much better than wood material. It’s not easy to break and more practical.

  5、 Nison sunrooms have perfect drainage system which could drain in time to prevent leaking.

6、 Nison sunrooms have shading system for customer to choose.

How to let your sunroom look stylish

With getting better life style and living condition, more and more people choose sunroom to become part of the life. You can chill with friends, read books and even take a nape inside. You can relax yourself here all day long if you want. A little decoration could change the whole atmosphere.

If you want a space to gather with your family and friends, you can make it a living room or kitchen with a sofa or table and decorate some green potted plant.

If you want a big study room, you could choose a shading system which soft sunshine but you still enjoy the daylight. You can have a desk in the middle of sunroom to feel the space. Sometimes put down your work, reading and listening the music in the sunroom might make your work more efficient.

If you want a private garden, we believe Nison sunrooms have all the basic conditions to let your plants grow up healthy and fresh. We believe you are the expert without our suggestion if you choose sunroom as a conservatory.

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