1、 Is there any solution to prevent the summer?

Regarding the hot problem, we could install extra auto sun proof system, add additional curtain inside the glass house or even install the air condition if needed.

2、Is it anti- typhoon or storm?

Closing the door and windows tight is the only thing you need to do when typhoon or storm coming. Resisting strong wind is not a problem since we've sold our product to Europe for 25 years. There is no any damage through the snow storm in North Europe. However, it's glass wall, the only thing we care is outside impact.

3、Is it illegal?

You could apply for the approvement from government for legal way, or it depends on the land was allowed to do the second construction. But, our sunroom is assembly and disassembly. We are willing to give you more detail if you text us your contact information.

4、Where can we see the real sample?

Pass for now.

5、Is it passed the rain wind test?

We've sold our products in Europe for 25 years, plus our sealing strip is for vehicle industry level. We promise it will never leak so custmers shouldn't be worried about it.

6、Why is the standard products so much more expensive than customized products?

1' Every single parts are designed specially in our structure, comparing with others our sunrrom is much more solid and reliable.

2' Vehicle level sealing strip is much more reliable than silicon regarding the leaking problem. Slilicon rework is also a expense.

3' Inclined roof is easy to clean comparing the flat roof which always come with some dirty stuff such as bird's excreta. Furthermore, inclined roof is hard to build or higher cost than ours by inprofessional maker.

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