High Quality

performance products

PU powder coating

Imported original PU spray material,wear resistance, corrosion

Reinforcing beam

Anti - heavy, anti - pressure,can hang decoration

Silding door

Special sliding doors

Safety tempered glass

Can be installed 4-10mm tempered glass, heat insula-tion, reasonably priced


Drainage is convenient and beautifultance, not easy to fade

Door handle

High-end hardware accessories, durable


Overall more solid, beautiful

Water discharge piping

Easy to clean, water·saving and environmental protection
Waterproof tape

Waterproof Damping Anti-UV Anti-aging


tape for excellent
insulation and
shock absorption

Sink strips

Divisions strips

Top beam plastic strips

Top beam cross section

Flume section diagram

Cross section of foundation

Group packaging,professional guarantee

Considering the heavy transport problem, we also pay special attention to packaging.Each aluminum material is protected individually with a hot film.The outer layer is packaged with double-thick corrugated paper and shrink film.

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